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  • History                                                                                                 In 1996, AWS Dredge discovered a need for improved, industry-focused dredging services.
  • Equipment      

AWS Dredge owns its own fleet of 6 hydraulic dredges & equipment, semi trucks and trailers for each dredge along with all support equipment.


How does AWS owning its equipment affect the client?

Expert Operators who are familiar and knowledgeable about each piece of equipment


All the dredges are equipment in top working condition before each job

Unnecessary 3rd party costs are mitigated

  • Location

        Smithfield, UT – Headquarters

5046 North 2400 West  Smithfield, UT  84335

  • Personnel

AWS prides itself of employing competent, knowledgeable, and experienced personnel in all aspects of its business.  Whether you are on the phone with the AWS office or on-site dealing with project foreman and dredge operators, you may expect friendly, courteous, and prompt interaction and service

Our field personnel are current on all necessary certifications and are continually updated and trained on new government and safety regulations.   

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AWS Dredge
5046 N 2400 W

Smithfield, UT 84335

Phone: +1 435 563-2522+1 435 563-2522


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